Sunday, January 1, 2012

Debut Author Challenge

As if I needed more things to do on a regular basis, I have signed on to take part in the Debut Author Challenge, hosted by The Story Siren. There's a couple reason why... and here goes the first list of the year:

1. I'm always looking for great reads from people who have made it through the slush pile and are living the dream.

2. My "To Be Read" (henceforth known as "TBR") pile isn't very big. (First sarcastic comment of the year... it only took 11 hours.)

3. It makes it easier to plan my 2012 reading list if someone else has already done the leg work for when new YA/MG releases are coming out. I can get them on the hold list at the library or pre-order them (to help debut author's prove they're viable to the publishing house) earlier.

4. Everything's linked to good reads, which I'm a member of, but don't use often enough.

5. I want to start adding reviews to my blog so why not help a sister/brother out by spewing my opinion, which is another favorite thing I like to do.

6. Since I would love to find myself on the 2013 debut list, it never hurts to build up a little writing karma.

That's it. My list of why I'm taking part in the Debut Author Challenge. 12 books in 12 months... please... I'm so in. Are you? Sign up at the link above if you think you can handle it!

If you have any suggestions on upcoming debut YA or MG book (in the US), post below... I want to get started reading ASAP!!! Check back for my reviews!

Oh, and Happy New Year, everyone! I hope it was a safe celebration! Here's to a productive and enjoyable year of prose, red pen edits, coffee, success stories, and amazing milestones! No matter what the year has in store for you, remember to BE PASSIONATE about everything you do! Happy Reading, friends!

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