Sunday, January 8, 2012

Challenges, challenges

I have a new blog entry I'll be posting in a day or two, but I just wanted to say I hope I survive 2012. It has nothing to do with the end of the Mayan calendar... if I keep at the pace I've set for myself, I might be wishing for the end of the world by December. I've added a new tab on the menu called 2012 Challenges and it outlines my reading and writing goals for the year. Let's just say I'm in an optimistic mood today.

So if you see me at pick up and you're wondering if I was wearing the same outfit yesterday, there is a slight chance you may be correct. For the record, I have an almost infinite number of black yoga pants and long sleeve black t-shirts.

For my local followers, enjoy the sunshine and I'll see you at drop off tomorrow.

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