Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Living in Query Hell

This is just a quick post. I would love to spend hours crafting the perfect blog entry, but honestly, I'm in query hell. I don't know anyone who loves writing this letter, and while it is a vital part of writing a book, I can do without the query migraine.

But as I'm scratching out this line and rewriting that one, I thought about the poor agents who have to read query after query after query and all I can do is laugh. At least my query hell occurs one book at a time. Weeding through the slush pile must be an agent's version of Groundhog's Day. And you know not all of the letters are perfect... or edited... so I was wondering what their ailment would be: query coma, perhaps.

That's all I've got today. Work is calling me. But I do have a post about writer's trading cards in the hopper, so be on the lookout. (Instead of tasteless bubble gum, my version would come with chocolate covered espresso beans.) And, even if it's a query letter, remember to BE PASSIONATE about every word you write.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Tough Love

I’ve often said writing a book is the easy part. That is if you consider sacrificing time with your family and staying friends with people after boring them with your latest plot dilemma easy. Me, personally, I’m okay with my children being raised by Phineas and Ferb for extended periods of time. No, the hard part is the inevitable rejection every writer is destined to encounter.

I still remember my “first rejection”. I was a senior in high school and was working on my dialogue between two characters. I knew it sucked, but I was also smart enough to know it wasn’t ready for someone else to read. But it fell into the hands of someone I definitely didn’t want to reading it who then proceeded to publicly mock me. That was all it took to push me from budding writer to future college administrator. I wish I had been stronger then.

Writers are creative beings. We NEED to create worlds that are real and characters that won’t stop talking to us. But with creativeness comes a curse: we really don’t like anyone tearing apart our masterpieces. Even our closest friends are capable of the ultimate betrayal known as constructive criticisms. And, unlike the countless agents and publishers who have the power to judge our work, we can make our friends pay for days and months, years even. It took me a long time to get a thicker literary hide. If I’m being completely honest, there are still some worn thin that make it impossible not to take things personally. And those are dark days in my house, let me tell you!

My writer’s group often begins each of our meeting by saying something along the lines of, “Let the shredding commence.” When we first formed, we had a couple of agreements: 1. everyone brings something every meeting; 2. everyone comes prepared to give each member feedback; 3. we are only supposed to answer questions about our work, not defend it (I suck at this rule) and 4. while we must be civil to each other, the only way we will ever be better than what we are is to get the brutal truth, so everyone has to give honest feedback. Truth time: we have lost a member, in my opinion, to the intensity of our feedback. We aren’t mean and I think everyone is careful to temper the negative with positive, but we don’t hold back either.

I once told a fellow member that I couldn’t connect with the MC, but if “she” was changed to a “he” and the story was written more like a bromance then it would make a better connection. The writer didn’t make the change and it’s become a running joke within our group, but the point I was trying to make is I wasn’t connecting to the character. I should add that I am now able to connect with the character better, but our relationship is still a work in progress (the MC, not the writer). With that said, I take it as much as I give it.

I had to miss our first November meeting due to a family commitment but my group mates were able to get me their notes. As I was going through them, one in particular crawled under my skin and laid eggs. The next day, the eggs had hatched into full on irritation.

Here’s the beauty: that comment forced me re-evaluate the way I had written the chapter and I realized the critique was right on. There’s something awesome about being a part of a group that wants you to succeed so much they are willing to make you mad in order to make you better.
So be creative writers, but realize that getting your worked hacked to shreds is a chance for you to pick up the pieces and put it back together six million dollar man style, without the dragging back story and characters that take you on a journey to the bridge to nowhere. But no matter what anyone says, no matter how much they think your “she” should be a “he”, BE PASSIONATE about everything you write!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Challenges, challenges

I have a new blog entry I'll be posting in a day or two, but I just wanted to say I hope I survive 2012. It has nothing to do with the end of the Mayan calendar... if I keep at the pace I've set for myself, I might be wishing for the end of the world by December. I've added a new tab on the menu called 2012 Challenges and it outlines my reading and writing goals for the year. Let's just say I'm in an optimistic mood today.

So if you see me at pick up and you're wondering if I was wearing the same outfit yesterday, there is a slight chance you may be correct. For the record, I have an almost infinite number of black yoga pants and long sleeve black t-shirts.

For my local followers, enjoy the sunshine and I'll see you at drop off tomorrow.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Debut Author Challenge

As if I needed more things to do on a regular basis, I have signed on to take part in the Debut Author Challenge, hosted by The Story Siren. There's a couple reason why... and here goes the first list of the year:

1. I'm always looking for great reads from people who have made it through the slush pile and are living the dream.

2. My "To Be Read" (henceforth known as "TBR") pile isn't very big. (First sarcastic comment of the year... it only took 11 hours.)

3. It makes it easier to plan my 2012 reading list if someone else has already done the leg work for when new YA/MG releases are coming out. I can get them on the hold list at the library or pre-order them (to help debut author's prove they're viable to the publishing house) earlier.

4. Everything's linked to good reads, which I'm a member of, but don't use often enough.

5. I want to start adding reviews to my blog so why not help a sister/brother out by spewing my opinion, which is another favorite thing I like to do.

6. Since I would love to find myself on the 2013 debut list, it never hurts to build up a little writing karma.

That's it. My list of why I'm taking part in the Debut Author Challenge. 12 books in 12 months... please... I'm so in. Are you? Sign up at the link above if you think you can handle it!

If you have any suggestions on upcoming debut YA or MG book (in the US), post below... I want to get started reading ASAP!!! Check back for my reviews!

Oh, and Happy New Year, everyone! I hope it was a safe celebration! Here's to a productive and enjoyable year of prose, red pen edits, coffee, success stories, and amazing milestones! No matter what the year has in store for you, remember to BE PASSIONATE about everything you do! Happy Reading, friends!