Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Muse Cometh

In a week, we are heading out for a two week family vacay to Mexico. Between now and then I have to wash and pack summer clothes for three people (DH is on his own), clean up the house so we don’t return home to chaos, do yet another run to Home Depot so dad has plenty of supplies to continue on the remodel while we’re gone, and spend some quality time with my betas… it’s going to be a busy seven days. And, as it so happens, my muse, who must have been at a Muse Convention, has reappeared in the form of my second book. Of all the things I said I have to do before we leave, the one thing I didn’t say was “start a new book”. The real problem is that you can’t turn your back on the Muse. At the very least you have to humor her. I’ve promised two days of writing on the beach, free of the restraints of motherhood (again, DH is on his own), and I’ve allowed her the privilege of walking me through the pre-write synopsis… what more can the woman want. CHAPTER ONE???

I love my muse. She is, without a doubt, a gift from God. But I’ve found that it’s best not to ignore her… she’s very persistent. So here are my options: forget about packing, except for the basics (they have clothes in Mexico) and send the men to the Depot while hiring someone to come to my house while I’m gone and make the messes disappear (personally, I like this part of the option the best); ignore my muse and possibly face her wrath; embrace sleep deprivation (there will be plenty of time to sleep on the plane (this time DH would be on his own with two kids); or appease my muse by striving for balance in everything I do. Now, this last one sounds the most logical. Yes, it means planting crops that take days to grow on Farmville, but that is a small sacrifice. But it also means sticking to a plan, a schedule if you will. I’m not always good at that. But maybe this is why my muse has returned from her hiatus at this time. To help me learn that without balance, there isn’t much hope that I will be able to sustain my dreams of being a published author and front runner for Mother of the Year. (I have to believe it’s that or the only other explanation is that while away at this supposed muse convention, she attended a seminar called, “How to torture your creative talent for enjoyment”, and if that’s the case, she’s starting off with a bang!)

Be Bold, everyone and try to stay warm. I’m going to earn some brownie points with my muse by taking her on vacation!

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  1. When the muse calls, we must answer :-) What are vacations for, anyway, if not writing? I gave you another fun/silly award on my blog. Here's the post if you're interested: http://christinelarnold.blogspot.com/2011/03/birthday-sweets.html