Sunday, February 6, 2011


If you are at all familiar with the Myers Briggs Personality Type, then you know that, according to the theory, all people fall into one of sixteen personality type. I am proud to say that I am an ENFP. Say it with me… E… N… F… P. I love being this personality type. We love people and we love ideas, as long as we aren’t expected to focus on the details. In short, we are horrible writers! Sitting alone with a computer is a challenge… thank goodness we have out characters to keep us company. We love an idea of a book and get started, only to find the pull of another story catching our attention. (And of course by “our” and “we” I mean “I”.) But here’s the problem with me being me. When I have been focused on one project for a long time, I tend to get distracted by… um… anything else. I once read a list of bumper sticker slogans for the different MBPTs and the ENFP goes something like, “Yeah, I can get that to you… oh my, what a pretty bird… anyways, what were we talking about?”

Why am I rambling about my personality type? I have this new book… the beginning of a new series, and while it’s still YA, it’s a total departure from The Partizans. It’s kind of a thriller/pre-dystopian plot, and I am totally obsessed with the structure of it right now. I think it may have more to do with the fact that working on my query letter and writing my synopsis is more about the technical side of getting published and less about hanging out with my characters. It’s taking all kinds of control to attempt to stay focused on finishing up all the loose ends of the book and getting it ready to go out to agents. I keep wanting to just send it out so I can say I did it and move on to the next project. I suppose this is good training. Once I get an agent and eventually a contract, I will have to stay focused regardless of my personality tendencies. After all, I don’t think a publisher or agent would accept the “My ENFP made me do it” excuse.

You know the old saying, “What doesn’t kill us will make us stronger?” Yeah… I think, when I get through all the crossing “I”s and dotting “t”s, that I will be able to lift poor plot structure from the abyss and carry shallow characters to the point of redemption without breaking a sweat. Unless, of course, I see a pretty bird.

Happy Superbowl everyone!!! Be BOLD!


  1. I should clarify that I don't think ENFPs are terrible writers in terms of creating stories. Quite the opposite, I think ENFPs have a way of looking at the big picture and seeing where there's a point that everything can go all crazy for the protag. We are the visionaries, after all. I simply meant to imply that the process of writing can be challenging to those who need to be on the look out for the next thing.

  2. Hey Sarah! Cool post. I'm now going to go look up what personality type I am :-)

    Also, I gave you an award over at my blog
    Go grab it at put it on your site! I hope the edits and stuff are going well!

  3. Hi from another ENFP writer! :) Thanks for your insights. I'm trying to explore my writing personality. I have just recently carved out more time for writing in my life (and started viewing it as a viable career option) and am finding the process difficult, just like you said. Feel free to drop by and say hi! I'm eager to connect with other ENFP's and learn from their processes.

  4. I think ENFP's are great writers. I published my first novel at 14 prior to ever taking the mbti test! I just took it recently and found out that so many ENFP's are writers and authors! We aren't bad writers! We are creative individuals!,mod=9&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8

    P.S. You might not be able to click that link! Just go to