Monday, February 17, 2014

My Obsession Paid Off

So, I watched @KelsNotChels vlog about How to Google Yourself Like A Champion and she said... well, see for yourself:

Handy information, right? I mean, who doesn't want to Google themselves... Okay, that sounded bad. I realized, after watching this, two things:

1. I need to get a cool mic so I can start doing voiceover blogs because, well, there’s just so much time in the day that’s free;
2. I have been Googling myself all wrong. (When you say it a second time, it's starting to get creepy… but let's just go with it!)

And so I Googled in the correct manner and guess what I found.

Here’s a hint:

When I saw my book was on GoodReads, I FREAKED OUT.

No. Not like that.

Not quite… give me a little more.

Yes! That’s it!

I'm not even joking! Tears were running down my face, making a puddle on my desk. I called my mom, woke her up and then proceeded to ramble and almost hyperventilate until she had to stop me and make me start over. I was a joyous wreck.

Now, I should preface it with this: When I signed my agent contract, I did not freak out. When I signed my publishing contract, I did not freak out. So what made this time more insane than the actual legal documents that committed me to the publishing path? Because those were surreal moments. Moments I had dreamed of for years but was always afraid would never happen. They were moments that meant my dream could be possible. Seeing my name on GoodReads meant the possible was happening and it’s happening now.

So what’s my point? Look for the progress of your journey not just in the milestones you achieve, but also in the moments that take your breath away (and make us ugly cry just a little bit). Maybe you haven’t found your forever agent. But have you found a community of writers that gets your work, supports your goal and (hopefully) likes you? That’s part of the battle my friend. Because it’s those little moments that keep us focused on the big ones.

So BE FEARLESS when you Google yourself. You never know what surprise is in store for you! 

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  1. I'm going to google myself right away!! Thanks for posting the video!