Sunday, August 18, 2013

I have a blog planner

No, it's not a person who shows up every day and tells me what my topic is and supports me while I work diligently (or consider dusting the floor boards for the first time in ever)... but that does sound nice, doesn't it?

What I have is a paper... yes paper... as in not digital... planner that I created (by stealing other ideas from pinterest). What does this mean?

In theory it means I will be more organized about what I'm posting and most importantly, when.

There are a few things I am horrible at. One is knowing where commas go. I know, I know... as a writer, I should be better about that. But it's like career kyrptonite. I just can't remember all the rules. And then there is painting... or sculpting... or drawing a straight line. If you require me to be artistic there better be a computer and printer around. Or a Cricut. (Shout out to the scrapbookers in the house.) Other than that, I am a mess! And finally, I'm really bad about following a schedule. (Ironically, I rarely miss deadlines... which is not to say I'm using my time wisely, but that's another story.)

So this blog planner, the holy grail of organizing my world is being put to the test as we speak. It's like a six million dollar man make over of the social media/platform building variety. (Except it didn't require six million dollars. Only ten to cover the year of site-hosting. And I am, in fact, NOT a man. But other than that, that's exactly what this is.)

So stay tuned for a few changes and surprises.  Now get to being PASSIONATE about your latest WIP or I will be forced to stalk you using this GIF.

This is exactly what I look like when I'm on a roll!

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