Tuesday, January 8, 2013

My Favorite Blogs: Mad Libs Style

Jane Friedman and Sara Zarr were walking down the beach discussing their future trip to YAtopia.

“Are you sure we don’t have to worry about the Apocolypsies?” Jane asked, ready to begin another Pub Rants.

“Don’t worry,” Sara comforted her. “Last I heard, they were at The Writing Room. Hey, did you know Brenda Drake Writes under the Influence of Coffee?”

Jane shrugged. “Who doesn’t these days.”

“True,” Sara agreed. "Hey, are you going to Midwest Writer's Workshop this summer?"

Suddenly, the Query Shark, the most feared beast in the Kingdom of Wordplay, came crashing out of the ocean, teeth bared and shreds of submissions hanging from its bottom lip.

Without thinking, they dropped to their knees but the impact of the waves had them Praying Upside Down.

What else is possible?” Jane cried out.

Luckily, a flip-flop wearing knight on a surf board came to their rescue.

“Look,” Sara shouted. “It’s Nathan Bransford.”

Nathan distracted the shark with a Myriad of books. But Sara and Jane were still struggling to make it to shore against the waves. Thank goodness a sea creature came by and whisked them to the beach.

“Who are you?” Sara asked, gasping on the sand.

I am Otter,” the creature said, his voice sweet and kind.

Jane bent down toward the otter, her hand extended.

Don’t pet me, I’m writing,” Otter cried. “How else do you expect me to Make a Living Writing?”

As Otter scampered away, Jane turned to Sara and said, “That’s it. I’m moving to Kidletville.”

“I think you're On the Write Track,” Sara said with a nod. “I hear they have a good Writer Therapy outpatient program.”

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  1. You are a genius, my friend. I'm honored to have been included :-).