Friday, December 28, 2012

Party Like a Writer

I think, by nature, writers are observers of the human experience. We kinda have to be. It’s where a lot of us find our creative inspiration. As a manner of principal, I fore-warn all new friends that anything that do and say is subject to fodder, unless expressly state that it is off-limits… so I know to change their name. As you can imagine, most of them laugh it off, and occasionally I get a raised eyebrow like they aren’t sure if I’m joking or not. Those are the smart ones. Of course there are even less fortunate souls: the ones who are destined to become antagonists or dead bodies in my books. A word of warning: Never make a writer mad. They will not fight you openly, but they will burn you in effigy for as long as words exist.

With all that said, it stands to reason that the holiday season is a great opportunity to steal some stellar one-liners, squeeze some serious subplot inspiration from that family drama that inevitably occurs and take mental note of b study body image.  This last one is my favorite, mainly because I am so bad at coming up with other words for my fave go to combinations. ALL my characters shrug. A lot. So taking time to study people has been pretty interesting. I can normally tell when people are disappointed with their gifts or when it’s something they really want. It’s not always a good thing, especially when the gift of disappointment is the one you gave. Seriously, that totally sucks.

New Year’s Eve is another time to party like a writer. I have always wanted to walk into a crowded bar, find a perfect bird’s eye view vantage point and just take notes. How she tosses her hair, how he walks away dejected from the said hair tosser’s brush off. How my brain feels after listening to the thumping music for hours and how the sweat on the glass slips neatly down the side until it pools at the base.

The holidays are a mecca for inspiration and it’s amazing to me how often I forget to stop and ogle the literary eye candy.  We can draw inspiration from it like a well. Yet how many of us don’t. How many of us have our characters sigh and look down at their wringing hands?

Yeah, you, in the back. I see you trying to blend in with the crowd. You know what I’m talking about, don’t you.

The point is, partying like a rock star is a cliché. It’s time to party like a writer. And I’m not the only one who thinks so. Check out this post I found on Lucky Leo Blog. Sure, we don’t have the same idea of partying like a writer, but it’s obvious the trend is catching on. Don’t be left behind.

No matter how you party like a writer, BE PASSIONATE about your good times and make sure they keep on rolling. (I couldn’t resist.)

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